Etching circle with Rotary

Can anyone tell me why i am having this problem. When I draw and etch a circle, the beginning of the circle gets cut off (right side of circle) when I fill. It is always the same no matter where I set the origin.

If i choose line only, it draws a perfect circle. What am I missing.


The rotary drive belt is likely not tensioned properly. The squish at the beginning is where it changes direction, and the first few lines are just being scanned on top of each other as that slack is taken up. It’s really common.

The simplest thing to do is draw a short line under the bottom of your design (about a mm away) set to 0.1% power, and make that your first layer. The rotary will spin to that point, draw basically nothing, then retract the mm gap to where your design starts, taking up that belt slack in the process.

Of course, the correct thing to do is fix the mechanical issue, but if it’s a closed unit that might not be possible.

Thanks for the input. I will mess around with the quick fix. I have access to the belts but dont know how to adjust the tension. You you suggesting the belt is too loose or too tight (sounded like too loose “slack”). I have complete access to the belt. Based on this photo, do you have any guidance to the more permanent solution.

FYI. I got ahold of the manufacturer and he showed me how to tighten.

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