Etching /Engraving Slate

Has anyone etched or engraved slate tiles? I am trying to do a project using slate tiles (400 x 400 x 12mm) for kids to draw on, and I want to put a logo up in the corner. We 950 x 600 100watt machine, and trying to get a handle on what settings I should start with.

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If you use the little search tool in the upper right hand corner you will find GOBS of examples…

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Treat it like any other material and do some tests, but generally keep the power low or the engrave tends to get a yellowish tint.
On my 50 watt machine I use 8000mm/min @40% power (8mA).
It is usually recommended to coat the slate before engraving either with polyurethane (interior) or a very light oil like 3 in 1 for exterior signs. This gives the engraving a bit more contrast to the surrounding slate.

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maked with a 5,5W diode laser

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