Etching glass, plain and simple

I had not tried etching glass, when suddenly I had orders for three different types of glasses, and 4 of each at that. Bought some pane glass for testing and painted them with white and black acrylic. a Material test showed I was too slow on the feed, and ended at 1500mm/m, 60% (10w) power, and 1 pass. Not much difference between black and white paint.

Then I tried black dry erase (Sanford Expo) because I had such good luck on clear plastic water bottles. I found I could run at 1800mm/m for a superb frost on the glass.

Using scrap Baltic ply pieces, I made fixtures to hold the various glasses for the right angle. The logo (see image) is small enough to not need the rotary.


Looks great! Is this a Diode laser?

Yes, 10w Sculpfun S30 Pro. That glass was my “prototype” test. Rarely do I hit it on the first try!