Ethernet cable between pc and machine

Hi peope , I have been connecting my ruida based laser with the pc using the Usb cable but would like to move towards ethernet cable . But I am confused , so this query
If I dont intend to get a crossover cable , can I use a simple Lan cable and then add a switch in between pc and the laser machine?
Is there any recommendation on the type of switch needed?

thanks in advance

With any modern computer (like from the last 10 years at least) you don’t need a crossover. The ethernet port will auto-negotiate the direction. And therefore you don’t need a switch either.

I ran with this setup for a long time (but now use the LightBurn Bridge):

  • Direct connect Ruida to PC ethernet port
  • Use WiFi for the PC’s actual internet connection
  • Go into ethernet config on the PC and set the IPv4 address to be static at something like (it MUST be a different subnet - the first 3 numbers - than your home network).
  • On the Ruida set the IP to
  • On both the PC and Ruida you can set the gateway to if it asks for it.

That’s it. You should now be able to ping the Ruida from the PC and LB should be able to see it. All you need is any old ethernet cable :slight_smile:


thank you so much for the lighting fast reply :slight_smile:

I was having a problem but I got a either net hub and ran a cable from router to the hub and then from laser to hub and everthing works great now.

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