Ethernet connects irregularly

Having trouble with the ethernet connection to our laser w/ a Ruida controller. I can ping the address and get a response, but Lightburn won’t connect over ethernet. I can connect the same computer over USB just fine. I’m wondering if there’s another device on our school network w/ the same address…is there a way to manually see via ssh/web/telnet/etc. connection that I’m definitely connecting to the Ruida controller? Alternately, how can I troubleshoot Lightburn not connecting to the Ruida board over ethernet? TIA

What I would do is run a continuous ping with ping -t ip.address Then, unplug the Ethernet cable from the Ruida controller and see if the ping continues. If it does, there is your answer, there is another item on the network with the same address.

I run Ubuntu, another ‘Unix’ variant. I have used arp-scan for decades to scan the local network.


Thanks, Steve! Brilliant simple suggestion and this is definitely the problem. I’ve asked our network admin to assign me a new address.

Glad to help. That 20+ years as a network admin comes in handy sometimes. :wink:

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