Ethernet Wi-Fi adapter?

I can’t be the first person to think it would be nice to not trip over a long USB or Ethernet cable.

I’m thinking an Ethernet to Wi-Fi adapter would work to connect the Ruida controller on my home build to my network.
Has anyone done this, if so, any downside or difficulty making it work?

Also if you have a camera for Lightburn alignment, is there a way to make it wireless as well?


I ran a WIFI bridge for a bit. It has it’s problems. There is also a Raspberry pi bridge kit that works well. It’s just out of stock.

Also take a look at the TP-Link products. I have the TL-WR902AC set to client mode to connect ethernet devices to WiFi networks. $40. The make another one $30, that uses only 2.4ghz WiFi, probably fast enough for the small traffic load of a laser.

I ran a tp-link wireless router/bridge. I set it up as a wireless bridge.It cost me $12 from Amazon. I looked a month ago or so and they were about double that now… thanks covid… :frowning:

It was as dependable as a direct or networked Ethernet connection.

We are all used to tcp/ip which guaranties your packet will get there and will return errors if it fails… Since there are many paths to a device, the first sent packet may be delayed, the second packet beats the first to the destination. Tcp/ip will reorder them correctly.

The Ruida in contrast uses UDP it’s a subset of the ip which is used for messaging. So the Ruida doesn’t know (or care) who sent it. Since there is no error messaging with UDP, you don’t. Nothing is re-ordered…

The advantage of the Lightburn PI is it’s software layer that deals with issues directly related to UDP communications.

I had a PI around the house and just downloaded the image, wrote it to sd and I had a Lightburn PI…

Since Lightburn is sold out, you can find PIs on Amazon and Ebay… I ran mine initially on a 3b, it’s now running on a 4b.

Good luck


Thank you, I have a Pi 4 that I’m not using for anything else, so I’ll look at that.

Will the Pi solution support a USB camera routed to Lightburn


Not yet …

Check out this thread…