Even spacing objects?

I have one big square and 12 smaller ones I need to even space around the bigger one, is there any easy way to do that? I have an older version of Lightburn 0.9.16

In what pattern would they be evenly spaced? Would the smaller squares be in a circular pattern around the big square?

A visual may make this easier to understand.

  1. Group left column shapes
  2. Group right column shapes
  3. Select left column, big rectangle, and right column at the same time
  4. Arrange->Distribute->Distribute V Spaced

You can do that part by part. There are alignment tools to make the colums centered and then the same spacing, this can be done for both rows. Afterwards, you can group each row, which will lead to three objects that you now can center vertically and align evenly. I don’t know if those buttons exist in such an early version of LB.

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