Evenly match perforations


Im cutting some material to sew together and have cut a few trial pieces. Rather than drawing individual slots/cutting holes, I’m using perforation mode with a line to cut my sewing holes. However i’m finding it difficult to get the perforations to cut equally on both sides. As they just continue on there set size tracks.

I have changed the layers assuming if i make 1 line blue it will start the perforation and making the side which needs to be sewed to it red, so i was trying to get the red line perforation starting at the same point so the two pieces perfectly line up.

This isn’t the case. they are offset and basically “opposite” to each other, so they don’t mesh at all.
Any suggestions on how to get the perforations to match identically or should i manually draw each cut mark on. Be a HUGE time saver if there’s a way with perforation mode :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps

Show an image of the objects please. There are a few ways I could suggest but would like to see what shapes you are working with.


all super simple shapes, i want the “train tracks” to be evenly lined up, they are basically opposite/offset were the holes don’t line up.

This can be addressed with the design of your art as well as how you control the cut direction. Give me a sec and I’ll show you.

If you look at the direction of these 2 line segments, you will notice they start and are traveling in the same direction. Can we look at your job?

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awesome thanks :smiley:

Ah yes i see your point, i changed it to cut all in the same direction, but even the example shows it will be offset, when the artwork is even. I realise its due to the perforation mode.

Ah ha… i think your brillance has solved my problem…
i just had a tinker around with the optimised path setttings and it seems set in a certain way they become even.

Also cheers i never knew about the START LOCATION arrow button, ive still got alot to learn about LB!

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Ok just made a real one up and worked! , the preview window showed the error originally, probably should have checked there before hand.

But cheers Rick,helped me immensely, exactly what i needed. Thanks so much for your help.

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