Every separated layer is merged into one layer when importing


I have just started working with Lightburn, really great software and I immediately bought a license. Works great with my Ruida 6445G Controller.

The only issue I’m experiencing, is when I import a layered file (from illustrator or AutoCAD), all layers are lost of the original file. I can only see one layer in Lightburn.

How can I import a layered file, so the layers of the original file are respected when I import this into Lightburn? Or am I doing something wrong?

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Lightburn doesn’t keep the same layer names like they are in AutoCAD or Illustrator. One way of getting around that is to use a distinct color for the entities on each layer. They will be converted to a similar color upon DXF or AI import into Lightburn. One easy way that I use is:

RGB red for vector cut
RGB blue for vector engrave (score)
RGB black and set it to fill in Lightburn

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Thanks for the swift reply!
I was used to working with layers before with my previous lasercutter.

I forgot that it’s indeed mostly done by colour. Thanks! Works perfectly now!

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