Exakt Camera installation on K40

Has someone really made the camera installtion on his K40 with a good accurancy? The lid is too flexible to reproduce the exact same position.
I am looking forward to create a whole new lid from thicker metal sheet. Maybe this could help.

Adding some gas strut hinges seems to help. That way it has a hard stop.

I can’t find it now, but another user printed some 90 degree angle pieces with magnets, mounted to the frame, so the door was held in exactly the same place every time. You likely also want to put small shims or spaces along the hinge pins to prevent the lid from sliding side to side.

Maye the solution with the magnets would be a possibility. Do you know what accurancy is possible with the magnets?

It should be very precise. As long as the lid opens to the exact same location every time, the accuracy should be better than 0.5mm.

Yes and that is the Problem. But Maybe I give the Magnets a last try.

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