Examining the actual speeds - preview window

Hello you all, how are you?
Pretty new to laser cutting but familiar with waterjet-cutting and gcode.
Cutting speeds are a hot topic resulting in many question especially from newby’s.

Here is what I was thinking;
Does Lightburn know what the actual cutting speeds are or where by reading the gcode?
The gcode should contain the actual speeds for a particular machine is it not?
Feature Request: At the side of the preview window display the gcode speeds (maybe some filter options as well) so when you move the slider and see the crosshair move you can also see the gcode speeds at that point!

This to better understand what the cutting speeds are doing.
how does this sound ?

best regards


Under normal circumstances, Lightburn generates the GCode.

The preview time estimates use the speed setting from the cut/layer assignments in combination with the acceleration values from the machine firmware and certain other options (like whitespace scan speed) to calculate the estimated time.

Speeds are essentially always changing as the machine accelerates, traverses, decelerates, changes direction, etc. It’s difficult to isolate a block of more than a second or two where speed is fixed.

Target/max speeds are always visible in the cut/layer panel…unless I misunderstand and you are actually requesting the millisecond-by-milisecond realtime speed at any given point.

Edit → Device Settings → Additional Settings → Read from controller to ensure your machine settings have the controllers configuration. Before the read, look at them and see if they change after a read.

If this data isn’t accurate the results will reflect the difference.

If the machine is performing correctly the preview time should be close to the actual time.

Good luck


Hi, thanks I did do that.
The values did change after pressing read indeed.
I will have a go at a material test to see whether it has changed.

best regards


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