Excess burn on fill stop and start location

Lets start by saying, I am very new to the laser world, and not super computer sharp. I use lightburn with my xtool S1 and so far enjoy it alot. In the beginning I had the square cutting triangle glitch but the lightburn community helped me fix. Now I have this excess burning at start and stop locations when doing fill on images, text etc. Does anyone know how I can resolve this? Engraving on leather etc is completely impossible.

Can you show an example?

I’ve included my setting screens, I’m hoping I don’t have something set right.

Thanks for including photos of your laser’s output.

They remind me of this image from our troubleshooting docs. Can we see a screenshot of your settings from the cuts/layers window? Your cut settings?

OMG, JessN thankyou so much. I went into the cut settings and my overscan was not enabled. I did so, ran a test and it appears to have resolved the issue. Technically it wasnt an issue, just poor operator ability :slight_smile: The lightburn community really helps out and I greatly appreciate you folks chiming in. Thanks again JessN


We’re here if you need us, happy lasering!