Excited to get a Mopa JPT and use Lightburn but

Hi I am very happy the team at lightburn have made software work with fiber lasers :slight_smile: I am about to buy my first 30 watt JPT Mopa and hope to utilize it by helping my dog clothing store on Etsy. My plan is to personalise the buckles of dog collars and also offer dog tags. However there does not seem to be many in-depth guides on engraving colours. I only just found out I can only do colours on brass and steel. I have seen some brilliant dog tags on Etsy and would like to replicate the quality and style of one with my own designs of course.
[Custom Dog Tag Personalized Pet ID Tag Cat Collar Tag - Etsy UK](https://Dog Tag Etsy)
But I really have no idea where to start, can anyone help? I take it the dog tag linked is made on brass and uses a mopa but thats about all I know lol. If anyone can help with a guide to doing colours and how I might go about creating dog tags of this quality I would be grateful. I am just looking at the lightburn start up guide to galvo but don’t know if you have a guide to engraving colours?

Ask Nicky if you can join.

Ultimately, you’ll find that colors are very finicky, and very slow. Any variance in materials can change the required settings to get colors. The other issue is that each and every fiber laser is a unique machine, and can require vastly different settings to achieve the same results. Your best bet is to get a bunch of materials, and start testing. The Material Test function in LightBurn is built just for this purpose.

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