Excluding Z homing

I am having the problems of the machine waiting on the Z axis home trigger. I understand it is not possible with GRBL1.1f to skip homing the Z axis and just use X and Y homing. I am seriously thinking of making a device with a stepper and a home switch,just to fool the firmware into thinking it has homed, and then carrying on with the rest of the homing cycle. Has any body done anything else to bypass the Z homing ?

I had homing issues and looked into doing that. I found I had to recompile it from source with removal of that Z call…

That was previous 1.0, but I doubt it’s changed that much…

Dig up your documents on your board. Some have an SD card they read configuration which may allow you to disable the Z home… most of these are not the basic Arduino…

Good luck


I have finally got the homing to work using a false Z axis (stepper, cam, limit switch). Now I look forward to getting some work done!

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Here’s a short video of my Z axis homing fooler :grin:Dropbox - homing.mp4 - Simplify your life

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