Exhaust fan size for enclosed universal engraver 3000Mw engraver

I have seen suggestions from a large kitchen exhaust fan on top of unit, I am not going to do that!. To no usable ideas, not on the forum.

CFM requirement for 7.5 Cubic feet to 10.0 Cubic Feet.

Probably a six inch exhaust line to the outside.


Need to add I would install free air in probably of same six inch diameter as exhaust


For my old 5.5 Watt diode laser I have made a box with a small PC fan. Hose diameter is 50mm and it actually worked quite well. So it does not take much to get rid of the smoke.

I used a 5" extractor fan piped outside via a home made box filter using carbon cooker hood filters as they are readily available. I drilled 3 x 4" dia holes through the case into the side of the laser case for incoming (workshop air) and the extractor is in the back. Works very well for my 1000 x 600mm bed.

Hope that helps, David

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