Existing License Key Lost


I need to renew my license but I’ve lost the email you sent a year ago. Also, can’t find it in the software. Can you send my existing key or let me know how to renew without it?



You can go to ‘Help’→’License Management’ page and click ‘Renew License’. This will copy your key to the clipboard. Paste it into the license key box in the browser window that comes up.

Is this not working for you?

I don’t show your name or email address in our license system. Are you sure you purchased from us?

Hello, thanks for your response.

I don’t have the option you have on your screenshot of “Deactivate License” or “Renew License”.

The only option that appears is “Activate License” and when I click it the “Trial ID” appears, but not the License Key. I know I purchased it, just can’t locate it and it’s not in the software. And I don’t remember if the Trial ID is the same as the License Key??

Yes, definitely purchased it direct from you guys. At that time a year ago, I didn’t know it was possible to purchase from anywhere else. Can you try a different email address?

Should I just pick one at random, or can you give me a hint as to what it might be? :slight_smile:

What likely happened is you either haven’t updated to the latest version, or you clicked Activate License again, which you shouldn’t do, because it tries to activate with “License Expired” instead of the key. Give me the email address to look for and / or the proper name and I’ll have a look.

No was hoping to not have to put it out in public, but it’s all good, I found it :slight_smile:
Someone else here at the Shop purchased it at the time and I was looking under my email, but it was under theirs.

I just renewed, ORDER #8255. Am I waiting for a new key or can I just paste the old one since I renewed?

It’s amazing how often I get asked “when will my new key arrive?” after a renewal:

You are not sent a new key as the key will always work. You are renewing the right to receive new updates for an additional 365 days, not buying a new key. The email reciept identifies that we are processing your request and it can take up to 24 hrs to update things on our end.

You weren’t asked “when will my new key arrive?” I asked am I waiting for a new key or can I just paste the existing one. Simple question that could’ve been answered without the attitude.

I know it’s Friday, log off if you’re already tired and ready to start drinking.

You just use the same key.

I think this is very clear. We responded quickly and with clear and appropriate responses. As I read it, you did ask,

Am I waiting for a new key or can I just paste the old one since I renewed?

We get asked that even after we publish that "This will add one year to the existing expiry date on your existing license, regardless of when you purchase the renewal.’

Not sure how to say that clearer or differently to reduce confusion in how this works, but am open to suggestions.

I’m talking to two different ppl with the same issue…that’s the first suggestion…lines are getting crossed.

My reply was to Oz who assumed I was asking when am I getting my key? Was not asking that at all. My question was more to the point of “Do I need another key or can I use the same key?”…in direct response to his comment earlier of me hitting the “License Activation” button twice and reverting us back to the Trial ID key.

So to be clear, my question had nothing to do with “when will my key arrive?” as others…but more a question to my specific issue of “do I need another key, did I mess something up on my end hitting the activation button twice…or can I just paste the same key?”

The question has been answered and my issue has been resolved.

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