Experiment with laser engraving and Pewter Casting

I’m Experimenting with laser engraving en pewter casting and i toughed you might be interested to see the results. I made a 3 part mold, and the results look promising.
I used MDF and also tested 3mm Triplex (what worked also fine, Some woodgrain visible though) I’m going to experiment some more, i want to try 3D depth carving to see how that is going to look.

If you have any questions, idea’s, concerns or want the project file. Feel free to ask me:)


That’s cool.
I could now create my own currency and take over the world!

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Don’t let your dreams be dreams!

To heck with buying bit coins, I want some of those new “SMITHEE” coins while the price is still low !!!

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Very cool! You could make some medals too. Is the fingerprint yours?

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Sorry for the late reply. No it is from a dutch Game show called “Who is the Mole”
i’m confident if you use your own prints it also would work

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get in early! To the moon?

Gaaf hoor!


How many coins can you cast with one mold?

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Niet zo veel ben ik bang, de mal heeft vrij veel te lijden, en soms kreeg ik ze er niet goed uit. ik zou zeggen een stuk of 3-5.

Not to many i guess 3-5, the mold breaks quite easy (especially the mid section). i have to do some more test though. maybe i can engrave the negatives on a fatter piece of mdf and make the mid sections trow-away.

Also if you want to test this out, Use chalk/baby powder to dust the mold.

This is so cool!! I love it!

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and if you made a positive that would fit inside the mold (suddenly one of the coins already ready), then put a piece of aluminum foil and press it to make a lining? I don’t know if it would, but it’s an idea.