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Hello, how are you guys ???

on June I did a renewal, today appeared that it expired (updates)… I still don’t understand how your license renewal works. I want to know if I need to pay again today so I get 365 days of updates … since my renewal was some years later…

or even though I don’t pay renewal today, I won’t get 365 of updates ???
Thanks !!!

Maybe this will help

Ok, if I do, when will it expire ??

Renewals added a year to the existing expiry date of your key. That’s it - it wasn’t complicated.

Imagine you and I purchased our keys on the same day. A year later, I renew mine, but you wait a month until there’s a new release, and then you renew. Another year passes, and we do the same thing - I renew immediately, and you wait. If LightBurn added the renewal time from the day you renewed, then you would get an additional two months of releases over me, even though you paid the same amount of money.

I thought that was unfair - I’d much rather reward the people who renew “on time” than the people trying to game it and gain benefit by waiting, so I made the system as fair as I possibly could to everyone and just made the renewals add to the existing expiry date of the key, so there was nothing to be gained by waiting.

Since almost no one actually read the text on the renewal page, we got a lot of confused and angry emails about it, and that takes up support time and costs us money, so I’ve relented and changed it. Now, if you renew, it adds a year from the day you renew, and if you renew before (or when) your key expires you get a couple extra months, because I still want to reward the good behavior if I can.

Ok, the thing is that I don’t understand about the renewal date… in this case if it ended today, if I pay tomorrow when will it end again.

Not an angry user, LB it’s just amazing. The thing is that I don’t get it very much how the date thing works, just want to know paying tomorrow when will it end again. So iam aware when I need to pay again before it ends so iam continually upgrading…


an email remainder that it’s about to expire I think would be good for some users (like me)

Now we’re doing it a year from the day you renew, but if your license just expired, we add an extra two months.

We don’t have the infrastructure to do this at the moment, and we don’t have emails for everyone - only people who purchased directly from us. LightBurn itself will warn you that the license is going to expire when it’s about a week away.

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