Export dxf Sketchup mit Pattern Fill into Lightburn?

Hello all:
As cutting and some text engraving has not been an issue I am trying now to use Sketchup to create some files. I am applying a pattern fill. The plan is to have the pattern engraved and the outline of the object to be cut.

Of course exporting as a dxf and than importing it into Sketchup gives me just the outer rectangle, the Pattern does n`t show. It would just bee too easy :woozy_face:

I am sure someone here know how to approach this issue.
The item I want to create is a gift box. Using just 3mm HDF I want to engrave a wood pattern into the surface. I am sure it doesn`t matter which pattern it is and what the final item is.

Any pointer into the right direction on how to tackle this would be appreciated.


Can you upload the DXF file you are having problems with. It is hard to tell if you are exporting from Sketchup or Lightburn.

Hi RalphU

Thanks for your response.

Perhaps I need to clarify my question :

Here my approach:

I created an rectangle in Sketchup.
I filled this with a pattern using the paintbucket tool.
I made it a component (for later scaling)
I exported it as a dxf file.

In Lightburn I imported the dxf.
Lightburn shows the recangle. The Pattern is not there.

To check it I also and opend the dxf in NanoCad with the same result. It seems when exporting in Sketchup as an dxf the pattern are just ignored.

I am aware thats not realy a lightburn question. But I am sure I am not the first one who wants to create something with an engraved irregular (natural) pattern.

For a straight graphical pattern I would use NanoCad, apply a hatch and would use that file to import into Lightburn.

I am hoping to get some hints how to create what I want, perhaps with a different approach?


Uploading the dxf shouldnt be neccessary as it shows just an rectangle…

That is odd. I am not familiar with Sketchup, but I do know that if you export a DXF from AutoCAD or Draftsight, it retains the fill on text without exploding the text into line segments prior to exporting. Any shapes that contain a fill pattern will also be converted correctly with Lightburn.

I also have NanoCAD - the free version, and it will not convert patterns coming out of Draftsight