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I have a C02 laser w150. I designed a few projects on the lightburn software on my desktop computer. When i tried to export the projects onto my flashdrive it showed no files in the folder on my computer. But they are there when i open a design on the software. So i opened the folder independently and dragged the project onto the hard drive, but when i plugged in the flashdrive to the laser no files were found. So, can some one can direct me on how to get my project from my computer to the laser ?

Click “Save RD file”, though that’s assuming you have a Ruida controller. You said a 150w CO2, but that could be driven by anything.

Where can I look to check what controller I have?

This may help: https://lasergods.com/controller-dsp-identification/

So, I have the Ruida controller., my software is set to that controller. After I make a project, I save it, Then export it to the flashdrive? I must be missing a step because when I hit export, the files don’t show up.

What does this mean, exactly? If you are wanting to run a file from a flash drive, you are not going to use export. Instead, click ‘Save RD file’ and save that file to the flash drive.

Omgosh, ok, I see it all now, I was saving it from the top left file tool bar…

Thank you!!!

Yes, that is where you can ‘Export’ your artwork to a few different file types. This is used when you want to do something to / with your artwork using another tool. Export provides support for the .ai, .dxf, and .svg file formats which does not include laser cut data.

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