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I recently installed LightBurn, I really like it and I intend to buy it soon. I got a problem when LightBurn I run the export macro in Corel, the program starts up and works fine. But if I try to send new data to the program when LightBurn is open, it says “Project not found” “The file C: \ Users \ ??? \ LBExport.ai could not be found”. Could this be due to the fact that my username consists of a cyrillic? And if so, how can I fix it without changing the username? Thanks in advance for your help!

I searched for answers on the forum but couldn’t find it. One answer had a link to a file from google drive, but it is 404 now. I wanted to try this. I am using Win10 64 PC

That might be something that OZ can fix.

But, there is a workaround if you know a bit of VBA and creating a new script in CorelDraw. You are right - CorelDraw creates a temporary AI file called LBExport.AI in the c:\users??? directory. It then imports that AI file behind the scenes.

If you have a character in the path that Lightburn doesn’t understand, it will respond with that error message you provided.

I created a new VBA project in CorelDraw. The code that you want to insert is found in the C:\Progam Files\Lightburn directory called CorelExportScript.txt.

If you copy that code and paste it into a new VBA project in CorelDraw, you can edit the following string:

outputFile = “C:” & Environ(“HOMEPATH”) & “\LBExport.ai”

you can create a directory anywhere - I created one called C:\ru\

Now edit the string to be:

outputFile = “C:\ru\LBExport.ai”

save your VBA project, and give it a different name. I named mine NewExportToLightburn

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Thanks a lot, I thought in this direction. I’m not very good at programming, but I understand what you are talking about. I will try to take your advice. Apparently the whole point is that the program does not understand the Russian encoding … I think Oz could fix this so that other users with the Cyrillic would not have problems. Thanks again for the advice

I didn’t even have to make a new one, I opened the macro editor and changed the file output address right there. Everything is working!

There’s a chance this has been fixed already, as I’ve fixed the encoding for a couple other things, but it might be that the SendUDP tool used to trigger the LightBurn launch isn’t handling the extra characters properly. I’ll have a look, but your solution is completely fine too. :slight_smile:

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