Exported dxf different from actual drawing

Hello attached file totally created in lightburn. an image traced and added some rectangles lines etc.
when i export this drawing some parts’s location is wrong.

my lbrn file:

This is your file loaded, an exported / re-imported copy below it, and the same exported file imported into Aspire below that:

What is it that you’re seeing on your end? And which version of LightBurn are you running?

How so, specifically? What format for the export? What version of LightBurn? For ease of access (won’t require folks to download your file unless needed) and to provide us with additional information, please show pictures of LightBurn screen showing the artwork along with the resulting export with incorrect parts locations and we can go from there.

(edit: Opps, title says DXF. Sorry, I missed that.)

my version is 0.9.10 (DSP licence)

your image is correct. i will update and try again immediately.

I updated lightburn to 0.9.11 and now problem solved. I realize that Lightburn the best laser software in the world.

Glad to see you are sorted and thanks for the kind words.

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