Exporting as ai/svg/dxf deletes all grouping of objects. How to preserve grouping?

I got some complex objects setup in lightburn with a lot of small and overlapping parts:

if I export them, I do loose all grouping and all of the single bits and pieces are now loose and not grouped to the “spike” they belong to anymore.
how can i preserve grouping while exporting?

I tried welding the spikes and the paint swiirl to a single object but that does not work either … but I guess that’s a different problem.

I’m not familiar with the behavior for AI or DXF but as far SVG, I don’t think groups are preserved on export and with no option to make it do so.

Yes. Certainly a different problem.

Any official statements from the team?
Any workaround to export with grouping to any common format?
If not, is this planned in the future or even already on the list?

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As far as a work around goes…

I would import three different graphics.

If your spires or spokes are identical, import one of them and use the array tool in LightBurn to make the rest of them.

I would put the numbers and the swirl into their own graphic files.

I would Weld the spokes and then apply the Boolean (helper) tool to get the desired effect between the spokes and the swirl.

That’s just me though.

In short, you can’t. LightBurn groups shapes based on what you specify, but other software, like SVG and AI, expect that any filled shapes will be exported together in order to fill properly, and LightBurn has no such requirement. In order to make sure fills work properly in other software, we have to discard the groups.

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