Exporting controller data from one computer to another

Hi there,
Im on a BRM Laser with a Ruida Controller RDC6332g.

Is there anyway to export the controller device data, which my pc was able to automatically recognize, to my Mac which only recognizes the driver manually and when connected via USB.
As soon as I disconnect the Mac it loses the ruida settings and any saved .rd file doesn’t read on the controller.

The point being is that I’d like to be able to create saveable .rd files at home (mac) and not just from PC(work).

Many thanks

First, welcome and thanks for posting. If you are wanting to produce files on one computer system and then run the same file on or from another and get the same results, you will need to consider the following:

  • All computers need to have the same matching ‘Devices’ profile for the Ruida
  • All computers need to have access to the same fonts for any text - or text need to be converted to paths prior to transfer to maintain the desired look

I am not understanding your workflow here, exactly. Are you saying that .RD files you have sent to the controller no longer run from the Ruida control panel if your Mac is not connected to the laser itself? Files stored on the Ruida do not require connection to a computer to execute, thus my confusion as to your flow.

The problem here is that LightBurn internally defaults to a 644x profile, and only changes that if you are connected to a different machine. That’s why the RD files saved when you’re not connected don’t work. The plan is to have the software allow you to manually select, or have it remember what it last saw when connected, but that’s not written yet.

Thanks, this pretty much answers my question.

Yeah I’m not to savvy with the lingo. I connected the PC at work as well as my Mac from home with the BRM. The PC was able to automatically create a device profile while with the Mac I was forced to not only manually create, but I had to install some extra Drivers to connect to the Controller.

My Mac can connect via USB and play or send files to lasercut directly, but as soon as I disconnect it forgets the Controller Profile.

I was looking for a way to export Controller data from the PC to the Mac as a sort of saved profile.
Or just any other way of sustainably allowing me to work from home. My Mac is an actual Mac so taking it to work or anywhere is a hassle.


If you save LBRN project files on the Mac you can load them on the PC. Make sure that:

  • The machines have the same fonts installed
  • Both machines have Ruida chosen as the device type
  • Both machines have the origin set to the same corner

You can also convert text to paths before saving for the other machine, which helps - different operating systems might render the same font with slight differences

If you do this, you should have no issues moving files between the machines.

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