Exporting Device Settings

So I know it’s possible to export device settings, I have read several threads on the matter, however, I was wondering if it is possible to do that without being physically hooked up to the laser? I have already moved my computer away from my laser and I am looking to export the settings off of that computer that I previously used for controlling the laser and moving it to a new computer.

When I go into Edit > Device Settings > Export, it does nothing. Is my only option to bring my computer back to the laser, export it, and then import into the new computer or is there another trick here that I’m missing?


The export button in that window is only to export the scanning offsets. If you want to export everything, click the ‘Devices’ button, select the laser there, and export from that window.

Thank you Oz, knew I could count on you! I was expecting to find that (Devices) in the toolbar, not on the right panel.

Thanks again!

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