Exporting DXF from F360 for LB

Alright, ive recently started to model in F360, can anyone tell me how to properly export the model as a DXF for LB? Ive tried a couple times and it ends up importing a totally different view in LB than what i thought was being exported.

I found some information about how im supposed to do this, create a sketch on the geometry face that i want the DXF to save as, but when i try to select my part, it wont let me select the entire thing which means parts will be missing on the DXF, notice how the red parts on the right are not highlighted? Anyone know how to do this??

What I do is once I have finished my design, I create a new sketch and then use the project option and select the body to project onto the sketch. Right click on the sketch and select the DXF export option. This way it will always reflect any subsequent changes you make to your design, you will have to export again though if you make changes. It keeps everything clean as in the base sketches used to make a part, there are often extra lines that could confuse the export.

Looking at your design, the right hand side appears to be curving away from the viewer, is that true? What are all of those vertical lines?

Not sure how other people do it nor can I tell by the image you posted but I assume you have more that one sketch in your design. You right click on each sketch and export a dfx - one for each sketch. If you are trying to export the result of two joined components or bodies, create another sketch from the projection of the combined bodies as davoque explained.

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