Exporting lightburn files as AI

When I attemp to export a design I’ve made in lightburn as an AI file to a friend that uses a Full Spectrum machine the email attachment i send opens to a blank folder. Is this because I don’t have Illustrator on my laptop or am I doing something wrong

I don’t think that the Retina Engrave software that runs a Full Spectrum laser can import a AI file. I am not positive, but I read their manuals for both the online version and the standalone version, and didn’t see it mentioned.

If your friend has Adobe Illustrator, CoredlDraw, or Inkscape, they should be able to import a Lightburn AI or SVG file, and then use the print driver to send it to the Retina Engrave software. I know the online version of Retina Engrave imports PDF files.

I’m probably not explaining myself very well. When I email the exported files from lightburn in the AI format I saved the file I email opens empty on his end. And yes AI files are what his FS machine accepts among others

The AI files that Lightburn exports are an old format. If his machines accepts AI files, it should be able to open them. My version of Adobe Illustrator is CS3, and is about 13 years old. AI files exported from Lightburn import fine in it. Maybe it is an email problem.

Try using SVG - it’s a universal format and should be fine on both machines.

I use AI, but only store my originals in AI - anything to or from the machine is in SVG and I don’t have a problem.

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