Exporting SVG and DXF files for use on other platforms

This may be user error…but I am having difficulty exporting my designs created with Lightburn. I do all of my design work with Lightburn. When I export the files for others to use on platforms such as Cricut Design Space the files do not upload. I am able to run them into Inkscape - combine them - then resave under DXF for use. This is hit or miss for me. I’ve had a few work out while others fail to be exported correctly into Cricut designs space. The files work fine with Lightburn, Inkscape, and Carbide Create for CNC work…just not Cricut. What am I doing wrong? What are the appropriate steps to get the SVGs or DXF files to upload into other platforms? -Thanks.

Cricut Design Space imports are pretty odd. I was able to import a SVG file from Lightburn into it, but it didn’t scale correctly on import. I was able to resize it within Design Space. I had the same problem with an SVG exported from Inkscape. Same with DXF files exported from Draftsight CAD.

I don’t think you want to attempt to import DXF files from Lightburn into a vinyl cutting machine. The DXF code does not contain arc information. All of the arcs are represented by tiny line segments and are what AutoCAD calls polylines. DXF polylines do not import into Inkscape, and ones containing short line segments are not good for a vinyl cutting machine.

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