Exposure and Brightness

Mounted a “Full HD 2K USB Webcam” Claims to be 75 degree but it appears not to be.
Won’t show my whole bed width. 900mm from 900mm high. I can live with that.

Shows Exposure and Brightness sliders. They don’t make any difference. Am I missing something.

Ver 1.003 Win10

As is often the case I must not have worded my question clearly enough.

I have exposure and brightness controls which do nothing.

How do I get them to work?

OK I will assume that my webcam does not allow adjustment of the brightness and exposure.
Tried with the Win10 camera app. No adjustments there.

So does any camera user have the ability to make these adjustments?
Maybe with the cameras that Lightburn sell?

Or are these adjustment sliders just non operable?

Is there no one who uses the exposure and brightness control sliders?

This thread is a week old and not one response.

Guess I am on my own.

Going to try a different camera.

Have a different camera and now the sliders work.

Thanks for all the help.

Sorry for not responding a bit sooner, but cameras are all over the map as to what they expose for controlling the camera. This is why we had cameras built for us, so we can be sure they work as we need. Selecting a camera from the interwebs is definitely a “your mileage may vary” choice. Glad to hear you found one that will work for you. :slight_smile:

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