Exposure control

Hi all,

Just installed 90 degrees lightburn camera and calibrated it but I can’t get the camera to do proper exposure. I have to turn off the light of the machine and cover good amount of the shop lights in order to start getting details - everything is burned out.

Can someone help mi with this issue?

attached photos are with laser light on and off. on the paper there is printed image of a car!


the second image did’t upload

Another similar discussion about this issue:

The simple way for now is to just put a couple pieces of white paper around the bed so the auto-exposure sees a brighter overall image. I’ll look at adding exposure control to the software.

like this?

if you look closely the center of the image is completely burned out. I don’t think it does auto exposure at all

I’m not sure I needed to look closely to see that. :slight_smile: The bulk of your image is still relatively dark. Is there a way for you to move the camera closer to the bed of the laser?

You can test the auto-exposure easily by moving your original picture closer to the camera - at some point, when the white dominates the image, it should lower.

the camera is attached to the lid of the laser can’t find good way to move it down

may be I had to get 60 degree lens?

when I move the image past the light bar it is ok but once the light from the light bar hit it it goes white

Can you just turn off the machine light when using the camera? (does that help?)

it helps a bit / the second image /in my own replay/ is with machine light off.

this is photo of the image with my cell cam

you can see that it is good image

machine light off

Now try this with the white paper around the bed.

no big of a difference

Isn’t that the exact image you posted before? I’m saying try that again, but with the light off.

I hate to ask this, but is your camera perpendicular to the bed of the engraver? From the pics it looks like it is more slanted backward toward the back of the machine.

Titansidewinder, you are correct but this has nothing to do with the exposure - in fact I took off the camera and did all sort of tests and the result is the same


here is fresh one

I understand what your saying. Based on the background lighting it can make a difference.

That also looks quite out of focus - have you adjusted that at all? I assume you removed the lens sticker as well?

sticker removed and did my best to adjust the focus but it can’t get better than this, it can defocus more but this is all it can twist in that direction it looks like the camera can’t get good focus past 12-15 inches. Am I supposed to get clear focus on it from 3 ft distance??

You should be able to yes. I’ll check with one here, but if there’s a way you can move the camera closer to (and more directly above) the bed it would help as well. Can you show a picture of how you have it mounted from the side, pulled back a bit so we can see the lid / door of your machine? Gordon’s image above is a good example of the ideal.