Extending my free trial

Hello. I have been using the free trial Since November 17th and it will be running out in a day. I am almost certain that my son has me the software for Christmas. To keep from ruining his surprise is it possible to get my free trial extended through December 25th that way I can keep on creating? Thank you for your help. Here is my license number. 8b444133-e341-410b-b2d9-df01e5f3c258

My Birthday is in January 20th, maybe I can get a extension until then as well…
(It’s not)

but I think the point shows why this is very unlikely, I suggest you talk to your son and get and early present if indeed that is what he is gifting you. But I’m not the staff so maybe you will get lucky :slight_smile:

All the best and Happy Xmas

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