Extension for USB camera?

I got the LB 8MK 4K-W camera. It’s a 1610 machine (1.6M x 1.0M) and there’s not sufficient cable length to route inside the machine and out a port somewhere.

I’ve tried these USB-over-CAT5:

The 4K-W appears as an option, but that’s it. Clicking on the option gets no preview or any response.

And this premium USB hub-over-CAT5 :

It got a preview image, but it was stuttering, glitched, and pretty much junk.

Any easy options? I saw mention of some sort of ethernet camera, but we do want to use the optimized, supported, well-profiled 4K-W camera. Not just a regular ethernet security camera.

So, the extenders appear useless, cameras use much more bandwidth and/or lower latency I guess.

Can something like this work? It says it’s designed for cameras. Will LB still ID it correctly once it’s not on a USB port anymore?

You could try using a standard female to male usb extension cord or use an active extension cable if you go over (from my memory 5 metres).

If it isn’t externally powered it likely won’t work. This one does:

As do these:

The second one I tried had an external power adapter- but it still didn’t work.

Alright Oz, I’m giving the cheap RSHTECH a shot. Ordered off Amazon link. Will it work plugged into a USB 2.0 on the PC?

It should work just fine - USB 3.0 is backward compatible with 2.0.

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