Extreme additional effort for movement during engraving

In order to determine the ideal settings for cutting and engraving on different materials, I have prepared a series of numbers in which I increase the laser power by 5% per number for engraving and increase the speed in the same way for cutting.
For cutting, the distance between the individual digits is minimal.
When engraving, however, the laser head is always first positioned 10mm to the left in each line that it is to engrave, and also moves out 10mm over the target when engraving. The result is correct, but the duration of the engraving is therefore increased by 200%, or in other words takes 3 times as long. Why is this so? Can I set a parameter for this somewhere?

This is the result of the overscan setting in the cut/layer settings. It’s purpose is to allow for acceleration/deceleration at the start and end of each horizontal scan line. This can help improve burn consistency.

You can reduce the amount of overscan or disable it entirely to meet your needs.

More information can be found in LB documentation:
Documentation/Operations.md at master · LightBurnSoftware/Documentation · GitHub

Thank you!

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