Extreme beginner help

Machine: 3000 MW Blue CNC laser Engraver
Advanced CNC 2-Axis Control Board
Firmware standard 0.9j

Computer: Macbook Air, O/S 11.2.9
USB connect

Power indicator light is on, USB connect light is on but I just cannot connect the dots to get the machine up and running. Is there a paid phone support service for Lightburn Software to help me? Thank you.

Sorry, but no. Why doesn't LightBurn have a phone number?

What Device Profile have you selected in LightBurn? You will need to use the GRBL-M3 profile.

Additionally, there is a known driver conflict between the virtual serial port driver that ships as part of macOS and the FTDI driver used by the Ruida USB chip.

For this reason, we recommend connecting with an Ethernet cable if you can, or going through the procedure linked above to resolve the driver conflict.

He’s unlikely to be using a Ruida on a 3w diode.

0.9j is a grbl designation.

As to the ftdi issue, that shouldn’t be the case with Big Sur.

in macOS 10 Apple distributed a VCP driver built into the OS which works for all standard FTDI devices, this was called AppleUSBFTDI.kext pre-Catalina and AppleUSBFTDI.dext in Catalina onward

I have no problem connecting any number of grbl devices to MacOS.

Personally, I would upgrade grbl to a 1.1f or higher variant, rather than use 0.9j

grbl 0.9j needs a bit of faffing about to get it to work well with a laser.

Thank you, yes. The reference to FTDI, I cut and pasted, and should have edited. :wink:

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