EZCAD2 COR file not accepted - CorFile2 file needed

Hello everyone.

I wanted to switch to LB which I already bought, but I have a problem with it. I have a 300x300mm marking machine. Earlier I generated a COR file in EzCad2 and all dimensions were good there. If I want to insert this file into LB, I get a message - “data in specified COR file appears to be corrupt”. I manually set the field scale 300x300mm, but if I draw a smaller dimension of 200x200, 100x100, it is smaller in the laser than in the program. I had the same in EzCad2. After generating the COR file, all dimensions larger and smaller were correct. LB refuses to accept this COR file.

Please help.

Text translated with a translator. I am writing in Poland.


I am going to move your post and this response to a new thread as the solution is slightly different and I’ll make an effort to keep the responses easy to translate. I will use text and keep video and pictures to a minimum.

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