EZcad3 future compatibility

Hey everyone. Has anybody heard anything about future use with EZcad3 and any time frames. I’m in a bit of a pickle right now cuz EZcad3 is acting very strange. And before downgrading to EZcad2, I want to make sure. I sure do like the auto Z axis and don’t want to give that up if I don’t need to. Thanks all

I thought the two were not compatible with each other, controller wise… I believe the EZCad3 board is different from EZCad2… I’m thinking you can’t run EZCad2 on it… but you can advise us…

As far as I know they are looking at it, but I haven’t head much in quite a while about Z axes support with this other controller.


Yes the EZcad3 board is different. And for me, it’s been super buggy for me. That’s why I was considering changing to EZcad2. I know I’d lose the auto z axis feature though. That’s why I was wondering if there were any plans for compatibility with EZcad3. That way I could ride out the buggy software storm and just wait on that. But I’m already exchanging it for ezcad2 anyways. lol. Buuuuuut LightBurn did reply to me saying they’re discussing compatibility with ezcad3 so…

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