Ezcad3 users here?

Hello everyone,
has someone here used EZCAD 3? I am about to pull the trigger on buying a 100W fibre laser with the new control board that runs with EZCAD3.
on the other lasers I use lightburn, but as I understood it is not compatible with the 2.5 axis functions… am I going to have a bad experience as I had with EZCAD 2?

Thank you

Unclear what you meant here. You mean Bad experience using lightburn on EZcad 2?

As far as i know Ezcad3 is not supported yet

Thank you for your answer…
I mean bad experience with EZcad2… Lightburn is way better than EZCAD, so I am bit worried of having to go back to ezcad to use the 2.5 axis functions…

I think your main issue all together is the lack of EZcad3 compatibility
As far as i know, you cannot control that board with Lightburn.

Others might double check me on this

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This is correct. LightBurn does not work with EZCAD3 at all.

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Looking at the hardware, I believe the EZCad3 board is different to handle the Z axes. I hear they’re trying to implement something, but I don’t know.

I’m sure you’ll have as much fun with EZCad3 as you did with EZCad2. Better known as EZCrash…

Are you sure you need 100W?

Both of these are OPEX fiber F-Theta lenses

This is my F163mm lens for my 60W or < 100W

This is virtually the same lens (F160mm) for >=100W

When I was looking for mine, I figured at the >=100W level, it would be about 8 times the cost for each lens. :face_vomiting: I have four :exploding_head: … Maybe a 90W would do?


I cut a lot of 0.5 aluminum labels, so 100W will hopefully make it easier (Now i need 3 passes with my 50W, if I can make it in one or two passes i will be happy). And yes 100W laser will need quartz lenses that cost about three times of silica ones, but if it saves me a minute per label it will be a gain for me… just ordered the machine from cloudray, hopefully be here next week :slight_smile:

Great, it sounds like you know what you’re getting into…

Good luck


i hope i do :joy:

I have an EZCAD3 machine with a G3-3D galvo. The software isn’t as crashtastic as EZCAD2 due to it being built as a 64 bit app that doesn’t run out of memory like ezcad2 did all the time. That said, its still not what I would call great software and if you ever feel compelled to customize anything, getting support from JCZ can be a real pain. Unfortunately, there’s no alternative controller that can be used to drive my 3D galvo that will work with LightBurn at the moment, so I can only use it with my CO2 laser.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts,
I have the machine now and yes, it is a bit better than EZCAD2, but still I hope Lightburn will manage to find the way to drive it.
As for the switching from 50W to 100W, I am really impressed… i wasn’t thinking that with double power I would cut the times in half and I was hoping to cut the time by about 30% and I would have been happy with that… but after a bit of fiddling about with the settings I am now able to do in 50 second what I was before doing in 2.5 minutes, so it is actually a third of the time :slight_smile:

EZCAD3 user checking in. Bought the LB galvo add-on with the hope that EZCAD3 boards will be supported in the future. Managing to cope with EZCAD3 for now.

At least I found out that, unlike EZCAD2, I can use it on the same computer with Lightburn

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