FACE SHIELDS | For Doctors and Nurses

Worked out something that we felt would be highly required in the months to follow for hospitals due to the COVID pandemic,
FACE SHIELDS for doctors and nurses.
the plan is to open up a manufacturing version or option or a possibility which could be utilized by like-minded individuals like us by making improvements(or coming up with a new design entirely) in the design I’ve come up with making it better ergonomically and user friendly.

You can download the open files here:

If you’re using metal hardware that may be an issues for some situations. I know that our local hospital cannot use any face shields with metal in them near the MRI machines. (You could switch to nylon hardware or some other plastic fastener.)

I wish I had a 3d printer handy. I’d make them some shields…

@raster Thanks for the info, I got the same input from our health officials. I’m trying to work out a version with a locking mechanism instead of the metal bolts and nuts and the zipties. Every part will be laser cut.

@daddycreswell 3D printer does come handy, I have an Ender 3, super useful.

Might need to get me one. I like playing with stuff. Easy to understand?

The printer itself is straightforward, it’s the modeling stuff that’s tricky.

You have to spend a bit of time with it, watch videos, try stuff, once you get familiar to it, the printer will be your best friend! I’d recommend watching CHEP, Teaching Tech, Thomas Sanladerer on youtube.

This is true, I barely do any modeling though, mostly the prints I need are out there. Some basic ones which aren’t, I model them in Fusion360 as its free for a hobbyist and pretty easy to understand after watching a couple of youtube videos. I modeled this swivel knife to cut foam and cardboard on the mpcnc it works decently.