Fail to import DXF,EPS,SVG.... only PNG works

All the vector formats fail to produce any result on drop/import of files.
v 0.9.07
see files here:
Also: this forum is not friendly enough to accept those files, or .zip

I know of no cad or graphics program where you can just throw in a zip file.
Save your .eps files as .ai and everything is fine, the other formats you talk about work fine on my (mac and windows) system.

If the files are located inside a zipped file the will not import. You need to first extract the files then import or simply drag and drop to LB.

So your dxf, svg and your eps have errors.
Your png works fine.

File ------ Import ----- and you can insert it

Those files are bizarre. The DXF, for example, contains this:


That’s the section of the file that contains the objects to be displayed, and it’s completely empty, so LightBurn is importing it perfectly, there’s just no content.

The SVG file apparently contains an embedded SVG inside it, which I’ve never seen before. I don’t know where these came from, but they’re very strange.

for crying out loud, I never tried to load the .zip into Lightburn, it is there just because this forum fail to support related formats.

the SVG loaded just fine into FreeCAD, and image viewer.
eps and dxf previewed properly in Linux

So LightBurn may be very picky, but those files seem valid.
they are produced by

I wasn’t able to import the DXF file into anything I use - and as I said, the section of the DXF that says “here’s the file content” is empty. There may be other portions of the file, like objects in a cache or something, but any standard DXF viewer I’ve tried does not show anything.

The SVG is just something I haven’t seen in the wild before. InkScape supports it, so I’ll investigate what would be required to have LightBurn load it.

LightBurn doesn’t support EPS files at the moment, so that’s expected.

For the record, we think we are plenty friendly :wink: , and limit the file ext’s we allow to be posted here for security reasons.

You shared your files exactly as we would expect, so thank you.

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I just visited the MonogramMaker site via the link you provided. Generated a simple project saving it as DXF. The file they generated imports with no issue for me using LightBurn (albeit current internal beta).

I did not go through every option provided by MonogramMaker during this initial test. Can you think of anything that might be different in the process of generating your example DXF file?

I did not generate a frame - that’s the only difference.
Having the SVG to work, which must be the lowest hanging fruit of them all, would solve this very well.

The even-lower-hanging fruit would be to put the simplest frame on your file, as that seems to make the DXF version valid, and it’s easy to remove in LightBurn:



I will look into what’s required to support the nested SVG in SVG file, but it will take time before that gets released.

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