Failed Test Card and WiFi

Just purchased and set up my Omtech Polar. I watched a bunch of videos on Lightburn and the Polar itself, and followed the steps pretty carefully. When i was cutting the Omtech Test Card, anything under a power of 20% wouldn’t cut. Do i have my potentiometer set too low? I set it to be at 20 mA while at 100% power. Is the focus off? The cutter says it has auto-focus.

Anyways, any help would be welcome. Image attached.

As for the WiFi part. I selected my cutters network, but it will not communicate unless i plug in direct USB.

The test row at 20% is visible, so what’s not working?

What are you expecting at the 20% power level?


Thanks Jack for replying. If you are not aware of what the test card looks like, I’ve attached a picture below.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks again!

Did you cut the example test card, post #3, with your machine?

Has this ever worked properly?

I was going by the it’s not cutting at 20% comment…

  1. properly working tube
  2. clean and aligned optics
  3. proper focus

If you have these three, it will work… so you’re missing one of them.

Have you tried a ramp test to see if the focus is correct?

I hope you’ve checked over the machine to ensure nothing is lose… like a lens or lens tube.


Thank you sgain, i will go over your suggestions and see how it goes.

You didn’t answer any of the questions… this make it difficult to help you and for others trying to fix their problem …

Good luck


I dont know what you mean by “has it ever worked properly”, when i stated that i just received the cutter, and was going through the tests. This and the interval test is literally all i have done. So to answer your question, no, it has never worked properly.

The laser is auto-focusing, why would i need to do a ramp-up test to determine focus.

I tend to fall prey to things in my experise where i forget what it was like when i didn’t know the things i do now. Please remember that I know very little of what is going on in the world of lasers and cutting. I’m a rookie hobbyist, and i dont mind putting in the legwork to get the answers i need. The only problem is that there is not much information on the Polar, as of yet. I don’t know if this is a cutter issue, or a settings in lightburn issue.

As I said, I will go through your recommendations and report back.

Thank you.

Watch this polar video by OMTech on how to adjust the focus and see if you have the right procedure…

I was surprised at how it works. Jump to around 3:30 in …

Good luck