Failed to frame

Hello everyone, I’m trying to make a frame for a circle but I get an error, the circle is less than 400x400mm

How big is the work area?

You generally can’t run things to the edge of the work area… Especially with an image file.


The work space 400×400mm, the project 390mm

Is it an image that you are scanning?

What speed are you attempting?

If you run this in preview with show transversal moves enabled, it will show you the overscan in orange.

As you can see the overscan is substantial.


I am trying to frame a circle in line mode, I don’t understand where is the problem, the ather object work fine

I noticed that you are using “Absolute Coord.” as “Start From” option.
Is the laser head at Home position and the file inside limits working area?
Your is project so near the edge limit that something like @jkwilborn mentioned could by the cause of your issue.

I am start from home position

The laser is incapable of accelerating to engraving speed and decelerating to a stop in only the 5 mm on either side of the clock face.

This is independent of the starting position / homing / origins, because there is not enough distance on either side to handle the required overscan.

You must shrink the clock design, do it in pieces, or get a bigger laser.

Now when I try to frame somethings the module dont move at all!!

Slow the speed (and adjusting power, of course) will not “solve” the “overscan problem”?
Sorry to ask but in my mind that could work.

Ok, thanks

In this case, probably not, because only 5 mm on either side doesn’t allow much room for deceleration. It’s certainly worth trying!

With much higher acceleration it might work, but the mechanics on desktop lasers really don’t allow snappy acceleration.

Simply framing the pattern will work fine, because it fits inside the machine’s work area. Engraving the pattern doesn’t work, because the laser travel extends well beyond the pattern on either side.

Ok, thanks a lot for enlightening me.

Yes, of course, and could be miss steps…

Completely agrre with you.

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