Failure to connect

Downloaded and installed 0.9.0 on my laptop. Have C3d and GLCD panel on my short K40). The improvements to the camera are awesome with the addition of the fisheye option (as that is what I have).
BUT, although everything appears correct, and the image capture works fine, the motion control and laser control do not work, does not “home” on startup.
The lights on the C3d board look the same, same ones are steady & flashing. Get the tone generated on startup. The GLCD board seems fine, and the knob can select jog and will move in X & Y and trigger the laser.
The discover device seems different but i cannot tell why.

Make sure you grab the latest 0.9.01 version Fred. A few bugs were quickly patched yesterday.

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Gonna try it in a few minutes,

Hot Dog! That did it. Works now.
Thanks again.

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I have a Thunderlaser Nova 35 and am new to laser. I can not get light burn to see the laser. I have the newest version 0.9.01. Does anyone have any suggestions. I am connected via USB. RD works connects fine now. But did have to load an updated driver.

This should be it’s own post so you can get more attention and responses.

That being said, what controller did you set up in LightBurn for your ThunderLaser? You should be using “Ruida”. If you can connect with RD, LightBurn should connect and work for you. Are you getting an error messages?

Edit: I just saw that you also sent us an email with the same question. Please, don’t do that. It doubles our work and no one but you and I can see or benefit from the response. Please reserve email to licensing and business issues only.

I used the Ruida. I get there error that “not communicating”. I won’t double post, sorry.

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If you chose “Serial/USB” you might need this:

Install that driver and you should be all set.

Thank you Oz, I will do that now.

The driver is installed and lightburn is communicating. Thank you Oz.