Falcon 2 22w Laser module testing

Hi All hope someone can assist
how do i test a laser module that its working after there was a cardboard fire while cutting , so had to replace wires but now want to test and make sure its ok i cleaned everything and did a through inspection i don’t see any damage on the head except for the wires

Just a thought, maybe start with the material test generator.

Hope this helps. :smiley:

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Thank i am not even at this stage yet i need to sort wiring out but trying to troubleshoot as I progress, it had a fire and cables got burnt now i am trying to systematically resolve as i go forward

Generally there are only three wires to these laser modules.

  1. Power
  2. PWM
  3. Ground

Which are you missing?

A couple of photos might be good.


So the Falcon 2 22w has a total of 8 wires
on a 10pin connector
Also has the fire alarm and 2 fans and air sensors i assume

Did all of those wires go to a connector?

Did you burn up a daughter board that these were wired to?

There are only three wires needed for a standard laser module, if there is alarms and sensors or other than the basic controls, I don’t know if I can help you.


Yes They connected to a connector attached below i am tring to identify the connector for what i can see its a JSTXH or PH 2.00mm pin 2row+5pin
I have done a continuity test from the board on top of laser to the laser wires under the daughterboard, the other wires are for the fans and air assist switch have been able to trace those, so now it just to work out if i should got with 20 or 22AWG wire, was thinking to not join but rather solder direct to daughter board or will cable joins be fine.
SO the questions is to join cable between connector and daughter board or run new back from a connector to daughter board

I always try to keep a connector there, it’s real handy if you need it.

You need to do what you’re comfortable with. If you can easily put it back like it was built, that’s the best approach. If you have to direct wire it to the daughter board, then so be it…

Either way it beats buying a new one.


yeah i a comfortable with soldering, and connector crimping, just just making sure i get enough opinions, as Creality hasn’t been very forth coming, can even get a replacement cable

thank for your input, will post progress picks

So i have broken down the laser module more, hope someone can assist so the 8 wire cable is broken down into 2 fans and the laser core/diodes and then sensor
on the connector of the laser there are 3 wire as per pics can someone confirm with me which is ground power and ppm
I assume black is ground but don’t want to make a mistake

Also can i run 5v to this just to check and see if the diodes are working or any suggestions