Falha na transferência ( transfer failed )

Quando coloco para iniciar o design aparece a mensagem “ ocorreu um problema ao enviar dados para o laser. A máquina pode estar ocupada ou em pausa.” E não consigo fazer nada para mudar.

When I start the design, the message “There was a problem sending data to the laser. The machine may be busy or paused.” And I can’t do anything to change it.

Please attempt to connect to the laser engraver again. Also, please open the Console window in LightBurn and watch for the connection message. There is an important difference between no previous connection and the loss of an established connection.

Please also confirm that other laser software isn’t running in the background as it will hold the USB port and Make the communication channel unavailable to LightBurn.

The CH340 driver is a necessity. If you’ve already connected to the laser engraver then installing this driver was something that was done previously. If you have not managed to connect this computer to your laser this is a good next step.
You can download the from the manufacturers website.

For me, the large blue download button appears in the middle of the page. Simply, download and execute the installer. After this, check the Console window for connection information.

If you still aren’t seeing connection related information in the Console window, open the Laser window and click the middle button in the bottom row. Doing this will show you every available active USB device. Select an option that is available. Wait 10 seconds to see if the engraver connects. If it does not connect select the next option and wait 10 seconds.

If it still does not connect you may need to try a different USB Port or USB Cable on your computer. Please let us know when you connect the laser engraver.

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