Fall-out simulator for complex shapes

Not sure i can explain it well, but general idea is this - i have had autotraced designs dropping elements because they were closed shapes, but were not supposed to fall out (be standalone element), not connected. Difficult to catch by eye.

Is it possible to make some sort of warning system to warn me if stuff inside outermost border is a standalone object ?
Something like this:

Fig.1, simple shape, where middle falls out.
Fig.2 where middle shape welded in and only quadrants fall out
Fig.2 where welding has been overlooked/missed and middle square becomes standalone object within outer boundary of outer shape.

This is very oversimplified example, but when very complex shapes concerned it would help.

Do i make sense ?

Probably not quite what you have in mind but a little in the right direction you will find in the measuring tool.
The green color represents “whole shapes” (or individual elements).
Try to see if it could help you in the future plus there is of course a lot of other good information in this tool.

You could select ‘fill’ in your ‘cuts/layers’, if it fills in ‘preview’ it’s connected.
Just don’t forget to de-select it.

Problem is if you’re dealing with a fine detail and thousands of closed shape elements. So either you run a cut, which takes ages to run (expensive run time wise and may be material wise) or spend loads of time scrutinising every single polygon in the shape in mind of “will it fall out wont it fall out”.

Preview window as it is now wont help.

What you are asking for can be found in other CAM programs. I am familiar with a couple that use the term “show dropouts”. Another thing to consider (maybe not in your case, but others who use Lightburn “tabs”) is that if you have tabs on shapes, those shapes won’t dropout. I mocked up 2 scenarios. In the first one, the internal shape does not have tabs.

In the 2nd scenario, the internal shape has tabs

If you select the outer border, LightBurn has a ‘Select contained shapes’ function. I’m not sure if that serves your needs though - your Fig 2 has 4 internal things within the outer square, and Fig 3 has the inner circle, and a square within that.

We actually do have an object sorting mechanism that generates a full tree of the “what is contained by what” in a job, so Figure 1 & 2 would have all shapes at the root level, and Figure 2 would be:

  • Circle: (contains)
    • Inner square

It’s not exposed anywhere, but we do generate that info when we make a job. I’m having a tricky time picturing how we could present that in a useful way that wouldn’t be really time consuming to code.

That said, if you have ‘Cut inner shapes first’ enabled, and preview, it will do any isolated inside shape first. If you’re not expecting the job to have any, that would be a dead giveaway.

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You mean figure 3 ?

Any way to display cut preview of “root” objects in different colours maybe ? Option to switch it on on preview panel. At the moment all the cut/engrave is previewed as black line.

I’d have to do that a different way (IE through a different viewer, possibly). The preview sends all moves through the simulation engine, and draws the moves that come out the other end, and there’s not a direct link to the shapes in your original design at this point - They’ve been converted to segments, optimized, rasterized, kerf-offset, tabbed, etc - there’s no 1:1 correlation really possible, though I should have a back-link to the source shape.

We have another tool that’s purely internal at this point that could work, intended for debugging the inner/outer sorting, but it doesn’t have any custom rendering with it.

I’m not saying no, but this is not high priority, as you’re quite honestly the first person who’s ever asked for anything like this, and it would be of relatively limited use, unless someone convinces me otherwise. We have a few other fish to fry for the moment.

I never expected a quick “fix” anyway. Somehow i always stumble upon rarified problems in my works and just ask if/how possible it is.

In my case i had some autotraced hand drawn works dropping out bits that are part of the design. I understand the logic of how this works, but when processing artsy stuff sometimes logic and common sense fails :smiley:

The “show drop out” would be a nice thing to have, but not, as you say, essential at this point.

Ok, good - just making sure I’m not giving you false hope that it’ll be done tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I still think just running the preview with ‘Inner Shapes First’ would be a good indicator - you should be able to quickly spot any closed shapes that would drop from that, as they will absolutely cut first. If you aren’t expecting anything that isn’t part of that outer line to drop you might be able to spot that, though it’s hard to say without seeing the real design.

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