Fan control for 10W LU2-10A Laser Module on Laser Master 2 S2?


I recently got the 10W LU2-10A Laser Module for my Laser Master 2 S2.
Its working great, no issues.
I am curious if there is some way to control the fan or make it wait for the laser to activate before it starts screaming.
The stock Laser master 2 wouldn’t turn on the fan if it wasn’t actively doing a burn.
Thanks for you help.

I believe the fan comes on when the module is powered, so short of running a switch in line (which itself creates safety issues) I doubt this can be fixed.

I upgraded my AUFERO laser master 2 with this module and on the side of the PC board that came with the module there is a micro switch that in one position has the fan always on and the other position the fan only comes on when the laser is firing. the switch is located in the corner near the power input to the PC board. Not sure if this applies to your set up. The original 5 watt laser only had 1 power brick that connected to the front of the machine. Now I have the original power brick plus a second that plugs into this new PC board and goes to the new module.

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