Fast Whitespace Scan not under other options on Lightburn 1.1.04

Hello! I have a laguna ex laser with a rudia controller and when researching ways to increase our speed, I found that Lightburn has a setting to ramp up and down speed for whitespaces, which would really help in our situation! Unfortunately I cannot seem to find it, so I am wondering what may be the issue! I looked in Machine Settings - Other Options and it is not there!

Thanks for the help!

That setting is only available for GCode based lasers, which allow setting the speed on the fly.

Ruida controllers, like the one in your Laguna laser, handle raster engraving differently, and always move at the same speed when rastering.

On a CO2, you can generally just make the entire engraving go faster and increase the power. With a diode laser, engraving is often done at close to full power, so they can’t really go faster without sacrificing quality.

‘Fast Whitespace Scan’ is only available on GCode controllers. This is why you are not finding this option for your Ruida DSP control setup. :slight_smile:

If I recall correctly, there is a setting in the Ruida called ‘Idle speed’, which controls the speed of traversal moves. Might be worth looking into tuning that to assist with your goals.

Awesome! Thank you all for the help, I will look into the idle speed and let everyone know what I find in case someone wanders upon this thread later!

Thanks again!

Idle speed only affects the speed of movement between cuts, not when raster scanning, so it will likely not have the effect you want. Depending on what you’re engraving, using Flood Fill or Offset Fill for specific parts of the design might help.

For example, if you have a large rectangular frame with a lot of empty space in the middle, and a small design within it, setting just the rectangle to use Flood Fill or Offset Fill will make it go much faster.

If the design is a bunch of stuff repeated across the bed, with whitespace between parts, grouping each part and using “Fill groups together” instead of “Fill all shapes at once” can often help.

The way to increase the speed is often specific to each design or layout, so if you post a screen shot of what you’re working on we can likely give more specific advice.

Clear fail on the recall thing, sorry for the misdirection. :grimacing:

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