Faster laser burning?

We have a Boss 1420 with 65W tube.
We have been doing cutting boards (LOTS of cutting boards!). I use Lightroom to brighten the image and darken the text to burn (contrast, white and black adjustments), then take it into Corel, convert to bitmap, and use the bitmap Mask to clean it as much as possible before doing final cleaning with the eraser tool. Sometimes I use the centerline trace tool to make the text a bit more defined.

Question 1: is there a better way?

currently we are running them at 3.8 inch/sec and 40% power.
We love the final product; nice even dark burn on bamboo boards, but its slow… depending on how much text, as much as 30 minutes a board.

Question 2: Is there a different image format I can use to get the same quality burn but faster?

Hard to say without knowing the current settings you have for these cuts. :slight_smile: More data please.

Post a screen capture of the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window for each layer along with the ‘Optimization Settings’ screen found in the ‘Laser’ window.

If you’re using an actual image, there’s not much you can do. If you’ve traced it into vectors, then you could group parts of it to avoid the back and forth traversal over all the white space, and set it to scan by groups, which could save a good amount of time.

Honestly, if you just rotated it 90 degrees it would get you most of the way there - scanning along the text, instead of across it.

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Files are .PNG by the way!

screen captures posted.
just playing around with “Sketch”. Wow! is there a centerline option?

No centerline option. It’s on the list, but we’re currently using a licensed image tracing library, and it doesn’t have this feature. I want to add it, but it’s not a trivial thing to do.

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