Fastest CO2 Laser That Supports Lightburn

I had an old red/black CO2 Chinese laser, it wasn’t fast enough for my needs. So I upgraded to a Trotec Speedy 400 which has been great in terms of speed and having the RF laser instead of the glass tube allows for a lot finer detail., but I really miss Lightburn.

So I was kicking around the idea of looking at another laser in the future and was curious if there were any professional quality gantry CO2 lasers out there that work with Lightburn. I think Epilog and Trotec both are propriety. Pretty sure ULS is too. Wasn’t sure if there were other options out there beyond those for professional level lasers.

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Take a look at Thunder’s new Odin laser here: Odin Series Laser Engraver | Thunder Laser Canada

And Aeon has some killer options as well: AEON Super NOVA | Aeon Laser USA

Boss is also doing hybrid steppers (essentially Clearpath step-servos) LS-2440 Co2 Laser Cutter and Engraver - Boss Laser

What controller is in the Trotec? Lightburn might support that…

If you want speed, you probably can’t get around a glavo head.


I have a ULS VLS6.60, and the LB Windows workaround is to print with colors using the print to PDF file. Then open the PDF file in Acrobat, and print to the ULS print driver.