Fastest Speed can reach

Dear all

I want the fastest speed can Lightburn offer.
I am using a UV led to make exposure on a photosensitive surface.
So i am not burning or cutting , just exposure only.
My machine is Laseraxe v0.8 and using GRBL M3

Any help Please
Thanks in advanced

This will be impossible to answer without having the same setup and materials you have. Your best option is to build a series of sample patterns with varying speed and power settings to test the exact configuration and conditions you’re presented with.

LightBurn provides helpful tools to create such test files. Using the ‘Array’ tool, you can quickly build a grid of test patterns, patterns you may have already added to your ‘Art Library’. You can quickly apply presets from your stored ‘Materials Library’, copy and paste entire layer settings and more. With a better understanding of what you are wanting to accomplish, what you have tried and what your results have been, we can offer some suggested workflows.

LightBurn isn’t the limiting factor here - the 8 bit processor in the LaserAxe is. GRBL on that chip is capable of pulsing steppers are 30khz. From that, and your steps per mm settings in GRBL, you can figure out what the maximum possible speed is.


I have tested cncc 2019 , it gives high speeds but its so small and limited in its options.
but it gives high speeds
I like Lightburn but i need it faster.
if you can tell me where to modify to just give it a try.

If you have other software that produces GCode that moves the machine faster, post a sample here from that software and from LightBurn and I should be able to tell what the differences are.

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